Audrey Gene

Do not waste your life waiting for wings.

Trust that you can already fly.


Who Am I?

If you ask my husband, he'd say I am a goofy, adventurous, nature-loving, bleeding-heart animal lover. A woman who loves to travel and experience new things. He'd say he loves me no matter what, but he loves me the most when my hair is a mess and I'm in my pyjamas.

If you ask my family, they'd say I'm an extremely kind and sensitive soul with more compassion than I can handle. They'd say they are proud of the woman I have become . . . even if I do still swing around looking for sandwiches and cookies.

If you ask my friends, I'm sure they'd say I am a fun, down-to-earth, great person, just not one they see as often as they used to. Sorry, writing often keeps me housebound!

If you ask me, I'd say that I am a happily married woman, blessed with the most amazing family, friends, and pets. I am the person everyone would say I was. Perhaps though, I'd also admit I can be an annoyingly curious soul. Someone who lives in a constant state of wonder. My desire for truth combined with my active imagination makes life both complicated and interesting. But it's a journey I am grateful for, and I invite you to join me. In the meantime, laugh often and love hard. Life's too short not to.

Love and blessings,

Audrey Gene