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Of the Dragonfly 

5 Stars!

Reader Reviews

Hi Audrey,

I'm sure you meet so many people but you signed a book for me at CrossIron Mills.
Your book was epic for me. I wrote down many beautiful sayings you had in there.
I have recently gone through a major life event and the story struck home more than ever. I wanted you to see the tattoo I had done today. I hope you don't mind.
Thanks for an epic adventure, indeed.

Stacey G.

► Five Stars! A sweet and profound love story merged with more than one intriguing mystery, this is an exceptionally unique romance novel. Audrey Gene's Of the Dragonfly is beautifully written, which reflects the beauty of the love story within its pages. Mystery, transpersonal experiences, deep secrets, and powerful love transcend simple words written on the pages of a book. Of the Dragonfly is a unexpected romantic tale that will keep you turning page after page until the very end.  ~ Janelle Alex, Ph.D.


Of the Dragonfly hooked me with the first chapter and I willingly, enthusiastically let Audrey Gene take me on a fascinating journey with exciting twists and turns in almost each chapter. She juggles the mystical with nail-biting adventure with ease and confidence.  ~ Louis B. Hobson, Calgary Sun/Calgary Herald


Of the Dragonfly truly feels like a gift for me. It seems to bring reality and dreams together beautifully. It´s like a fantastic toolbox for how to really live magically...and share the experience with others. Thank you once again Audrey for the tools to make my own heaven on earth. Your book reminds me that dreams do come true! P.S. When is your next book coming out?  ~ Dr. Emily Roback, B.Sc., D.C. President & Founder, Iron Mountain Integrative Health, Roback Media Corporation


Of the Dragonfly surprises and enthrals right from the first chapter. Gene has created a disarmingly likable protagonist who is thrust into a story of romance, thrills, travel, and hints of the supernatural. Told with passion and charm, its many facets don’t overwhelm each other, but rather work together cohesively to tell the tale. The audience is willing to follow this character anywhere.  ~ Paul Sonsteby, Author, Editor, and Teacher


Of the Dragonfly is a heartfelt, romantic adventure that will make you believe in destiny.  ~ Derek Donais, Author, Metal Magic Trilogy


► An entertaining read from this new author who takes us on a journey from city living to tropical islands. Along the way, we are taken through mystic happenings, intrigue, and unwavering love. Looking forward to more novels from this promising author.  ~ Margaret Warren, Marigold Library System—Retired


► I did read it this past week and quite enjoyed it. I will recommend it everyone. I can tell you have put so much of yourself into this project.  ~ Keri-Ann P., Indigo/Chapters Bookstores


► Thank you from a HUGE FAN! Hi Audrey, I had the opportunity to meet you a couple of weeks ago at the Signal Hill Indigo while you were book signing. I just wanted to let you know that I fell in love with Of the Dragonfly. The writing was amazing and I honestly could not put the book down! I am so excited that you will be writing a sequel and I cannot wait to buy it! I think that you are an incredible story teller and that you have a true gift! I loved how the storyline evolved, I became invested in Evangeline's adventure and the romance of the story was heartwarming and makes me really believe that true love exits and that my dream guy is out there somewhere! I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for what you took the time to create and give to us readers. I think that you are amazing and I can't wait for the sequel to this adventure. I thoroughly enjoyed the adventure, and you made me fall in love with dragonflies and the possibilities of true and lasting love, and ADVENTURE!  ~ Breanne M.

Of the Dragonfly allows you to escape with action and adventure through Audrey Gene’s descriptive imagery. You follow a young lady, Evangeline May Sinclair, on a venture to unravel the mysteries that catch her in a struggle for her life. The reader’s attention is caught and held as unexpected twists carry you through to the end. This is Audrey Gene’s debut novel, and her first attempt at creative writing, and I can’t wait for the next novel. Well done, Audrey Gene—this is a book I will recommend to my friends.  ~ Janlyn Andrews, Business Owner


► It was a treat for me to read Audrey Gene’s first novel, Of the Dragonfly. This story is a perfect blend of what makes for an exciting read, as you will discover. Audrey grabs you right from the start and never lets go until the thrilling, dramatic climax. The story is set in an exotic Caribbean location—with white sandy beaches and delectable food—wonderfully conjured up by the author. The excitement really begins when we find that this paradise is also inhabited by violent thugs and murderers who will stop at nothing to get what they want. In the midst of it all, Audrey tells an incredible, unique love story, guided by precognitive dreams and under the influence of spiritual forces. If you’re looking for a fascinating read with adventure and romance, this is the book for you.  ~ Jens Petersen, Editor, New Author Publishing Services


► Gene is a natural storyteller. Of the Dragonfly is an expertly woven tale of love, mystery, and intrigue I couldn't put down. Expect big things from this talented author.  ~ Rachel Small, Editor, Faultless Finish Editing


► I had waited with great anticipation for this book to be published, and it was worth the wait! The book kept my attention, and I couldn't wait to find out what was going to happen next. Audrey Gene definitely has a talent for writing books and I look forward to seeing future work from her.  ~ Wanda L.


► “Of the Dragonfly” is a must read novel! From beginning to end I was captured by the story line and intrigued with the characters. The description of every moment and the scenery painted such a clear vision that I felt like I was there. The suspense and surprise twists to the story added extra excitement. Author, Audrey Gene has a refreshing talent and am very much looking forward to a sequel or any other book she publishes.  ~ Dianne G.


► This book is part mystery and part romance with an exotic location and yummy food thrown in for extra enjoyment! The main character captured my imagination at the beginning of the book so that I just had to join her on her adventure through to the end. I highly recommend this book for your summer backyard/beach reading.  ~ Dominique P.


► Being an avid reader, I can be tough to please. I found myself incredibly drawn to Of the Dragonfly, and its characters, and have been anxiously awaiting the sequel.  ~ Shannon M.


► Of the Dragonfly is a captivating experience that will live within you beyond the pages. Its gripping journey captured all of me. I found myself locked in my closet so I could read uninterrupted. Finally, I have a compelling offer to bring to my book club...and selfishly I can live it all over again!  ~ M. Brick


► Audrey, I just finished your book. Once started I could not put it down. It was amazing. Can hardly wait for your future books. The plot and characters were fantastic. Can't say enough.  ~ Lesley S.


► Read the Of the Dragonfly book—it was simply amazing and held my attention thoroughly! Eagerly looking forward to the next book from Audrey! Best wishes!  ~ Birkram D.


► I was so excited to read this book! I haven't read anything quite like it before. "Of the Dragonfly" took me on an adventure. It included mystery and suspense that kept me reading. It's a novel where love conquers all in a story unlike any 'traditional' love story. Audrey's descriptions are so vivid it is like being part of the book and watching everything from the side lines. Audrey's style of writing reflects part of who she is, her love and knowledge of animals, and her true sense of adventure. Read "Of the Dragonfly" by Audrey Gene. You won't be disappointed!  ~ L. Damen


► Once I picked up this book I couldn't put it down. I was captured by the storyline and the characters. The descriptions of the events and the scenery made it feel as though I was there. I was drawn into the fantasy of the romantic relationship between Evy and Christian. I am impatiently waiting for a sequel!  ~ Eric H.


► This book is a gem, the storyline sneaks up on you and then you cannot put it down! Fantastic imagery I felt like I was there!  ~ W. Mockford


► Very enjoyable novel filled with suspense and intrigue! The author has a great storytelling talent. I like a novel that contains adventure and mystery.  ~ Don G.


► I have to tell you it was one of the best books I've ever read!!! I am not a big reader, it just seems hard to find the time, but I couldn't get enough of it!!! We have taken a few copies to Michigan for family and they loved it! I will be getting a couple more to take to California in September when I go for my cousin’s wedding. I really want our youngest daughter to meet you, she is SO crazy about books!  ~ Trina B.


► Audrey, you have a gift—you have been given a gift. Your words flow like a dragonfly. Oh I LOVE your writing. This book feels so special and I was immediately hooked. I nearly cried in the first part. Never waste your energy on wondering if you should perfect your books—a bird doesn’t edit her song.  ~ Marnee B.


► I received my signed copy of your book last night. As an avid reader, I must say that you have some fabulous writing skills missy! I lovingly fell into the world of your book and do not want to leave it!!! I am almost done reading your fabulous first book but could not wait to tell you how much I love it and your amazing gift! Thank you so much for "putting pen to paper" and sharing your talents with the world. Wishing you all kinds of success and hoping for more from you!  ~ Karen F.


► Certainly enjoyed "Of the Dragonfly"—well written and loved the characters. The scenery descriptions made it easy to visualize and feel like I was part of the romance and excitement during the many twists to the story. Look forward to many sequels and a movie would be fabulous.  ~ Dianne G.


► I really did enjoy it. The plot was different, so it was difficult to predict what was going to happen next. I also gave it 5 stars on Goodreads. I will for sure be watching for the sequel.  ~ Donna M.


► I had the pleasure of reading your book this summer and loved it! As I read each chapter, it was like I was there. I could picture the characters, the setting—the descriptions are amazing. Looking forward to more reading, and a movie would be awesome!! Congratulations! You are a professional and should be so proud of your accomplishments.  ~ Larissa D.


► Finally started your book, it's amazing. I can't put it down. My mom really enjoyed it and thinks it will get picked up as a movie. I read until my eyes are like sand paper. It's awesome. I seriously love it. I honestly didn't know what to expect, but you did an incredible job.  ~ Amy H.


► When I was in Russia, I gave your book to a young man from Mumbai, India and his Mom to read while he was in treatment there. They loved it, and when I messaged him on his birthday and told him that you were writing another book, he said he was "eagerly looking forward to it." Just thought you would want to know that your talents are appreciated across the world.  ~ K. Hinz


► I was captivated by the concept of this tale. It's equal parts romance, fantasy, and thriller. The perfect beach read (and not without its fair share of beaches!) The heroine is completely disarming, a believable everywoman set inside of an unbelievable situation.  ~ Paul S.


► It's an amazing story, Audrey Gene. I normally don't read books and once I started this book I did not want to put it down.  ~ Deanne K.


► WOW! Five Star Review! You deserve it and the book is outstanding!  ~ Catherine C.


► A few months ago, you came to my creative writing class and I was sick that day, but my sister bought the Of the Dragonfly for me and you had also signed it. I finished the book and wanted to tell you I LOVED it! It was amazing and adventurous and romantic. I am hoping you write a second because the first one was so good and would like to read more of Christian and Evy's journey. You are an amazing writer. Thank you for writing such a great book.  ~ Annie S.


► Of the Dragonfly left me hoping for a sequel! After building the main character in the first part of the novel the excitement grew tenfold—a great vacation read on the beach for me!  ~ Chantelle J.


► I finished reading 'Of The Dragonfly' for the second time and thoroughly enjoyed it again. I truly hated to put it down. What a wonderful story!  ~ Sharon T.


► Just finished your book Audrey, very enjoyable!  ~ D. Georgeson


► Great story, Audrey. My wife said I'd enjoy it and I did! I can see this book being made into a block buster movie.  ~ D. Lloyd


► Audrey, well done on your first book. Loved the metaphysics "dreams becoming reality" vibe of your story. You now have a fan who looks forward to your next creative outing and to be able to witness firsthand the growth of a promising author!  ~ Dana C.


► I enjoyed Of the Dragonfly from the first page, to the last. I think Audrey did a wonderful job of capturing the attention of the reader, right from the start. Can't wait for the next book!  ~ Bonnie H.


► I loved the book! It was fantastic! I can't wait for her next one!  ~ Joanne S.


► Of the Dragonfly took me away on an unexpected adventure—as well, this is a great book to read while on holidays!!! Very easy to get into, very hard to put down. Excited for the next story.  ~ Greg S.


► Mega talent and super gene pool! A movie would be super.  ~ D. Green


► I loved your book. I bought your book at Sundridge Chapters for my daughter, and you were sweet enough to sign it to Tasha. I hope she enjoys it as much as I did. Thank you!  ~ Trish J.


► I couldn't put your book down—I truly enjoyed the adventure. Thank you!  ~ Cara D.


► I very much enjoyed your book—the plot, the characters, the twists. Thank you for sharing your novel with me! Congrats on writing a sequel!  ~ Kathleen D.


► If you haven't had a chance to pick up your copy of 'Of the Dragonfly' by Audrey Gene, make sure to get yours at Chapters. Amazing read by an amazing woman! I am a HUGE fan of the book.  ~ Junella W.


► I could not put this book down. Great read and a bunch of twists to keep you enthralled! I would definitely recommend this book.  ~ Kim (Amazon)


► Just finished Of the Dragonfly. Please tell me you are working on your second book. I am not a patient person! This should be made into a movie. I LOVED IT. What do I read now?  ~ Wendi T.


► It is such a good book!!! I couldn't put it down. I've recommended it to so many people! It deserves to be on that table of books made into movies!!! Congrats!!!  ~ Shelley S.


► Just finished reading your book—was totally hooked! Loved it and could not wait to go to bed just to read it. It would be an awesome movie too. I’ll send you extra vibes!  ~Carmen H.


► I finished your book last week and I wanted to tell you that I loved it and you have confirmed your amazingness! I could not put it down for two days. When I was done I let it sit with me for a couple of days and appreciated it even more. What a great book. I cannot wait to see what you write next. Thanks for the amazing journey.  ~ Heather N.


► I'm impressed! I enjoyed your book immensely. Well-written, descriptive and full of romance, adventure and the unknown. A book for all ages to read. I look forward to the sequel. Be proud of yourself, you deserve every bit of happiness. You have no need to be worried. You have done an excellent job. I've ordered books for my daughter and grandchildren. You’ll do well because you have the artistry and determination to follow through with your dreams. I know writing a book is a difficult and challenging feat. Give yourself a pat on the back, everything will fall in place!  ~ Glynis P.


► I just finished it, it was brilliant! I love the concept, and I really got a sense of the Bahamas too. If I ever need advice on food—apparently in a novel or in life, I'll be talking to you. Anyways, just wanted to say I enjoyed it.  ~Jim H.


► Went to Indigo in Signal Hill with my girlfriend, Stacey, to meet Audrey Gen and her husband. It was such an unforgettable pleasure to meet two people who share the same values and beliefs when it comes to a true and unconditional union of the souls. I felt at ease as if we have known these people for an eternity. I do believe in fate for without it we could never be so blessed to share such wonderful emotions. Different journeys about true love. Everlasting and solid. There is no mountain too high nor ocean too deep that could keep us apart. I have not read Audrey's book but know it was very instrumental and inspiring to Stacey in a time of sorrow and despair. Believe in love at first sight, trust in fate, and let your emotions and your heart be your guide to true inner strength and happiness. This is the recipe to real success. Love is all we need. Not material belongings. I am the richest man I know. Thank you, Stacey and Audrey Gene, for making this world a better place. Look forward to meeting again. I'm sure we will.  ~ Kevin N.

► I loved it! Made me get lost in it and that is a damn good story to do that!  ~ Kelley A.


► I downloaded your book months ago, but seemed not to have much time for reading with all the dog activities. Today, I "devoured" it. Absolutely wonderful, can't wait for the sequel.  ~ Sharon V.


► Loved your book, I read it one night. Can’t wait for your next novel.  ~ Kristine H.


► Keep going hard, Audrey Gene! Continued success with your wonderful book.  ~ Dianne S.


► The book was an awesome read!  ~ B. Webb


► I love your book, hoping for another but worth the wait!  ~ Wendy M.


► Finished your book! WOW! What a finish! Wasn't expecting that. Excellent!!!!  ~ Reg M.


► Today is the day!! I opened Of the Dragonfly—I fell into the experience with a lump growing in my throat as I read each line. I can't wait to hide in my closet again so I can keep going without interruptions. Thank you for writing this book and for sharing it with us.  ~ M. Brick


► I loved it!! Kept me wanting to read more! Totally love a little suspense and romance in a book!!! Great job seriously!!! By the way, love how you are giving so much back at your events! Such an inspiration to us all!  ~ Tammy L.


► Everything is in divine alignment, and is falling in place for you because it is your divine right to succeed as an author!  ~ Martha T.


►   The story of fate and true love blossoms daily. Life has never been more beautiful. Thank you for your inspiration that has touched us both in ways we will never forget and be eternally grateful for.  ~ K. Norbury & S. Rene Murphy

► I finished your book and it's awesome!! You have some mad writing skills especially for your first novel! Kept me engaged throughout the whole time. Great job, seriously!!  ~ Chelsey C.


► Wow! Finished the book yesterday. Get busy and finish the next one! It was an excellent read—thoroughly enjoyed it; couldn't put it down until it was finished.  ~ Lynn W.


► Just finished the book, only in a couple evenings. It was intriguing to read especially since we went to Bahamas earlier this year and sailed the islands. .Well done, Audrey! Can’t wait to read the next one.  ~ Lee Ann K.


► Hey Facebook peeps! I'd like to introduce you to Audrey Gene. She is a new author that has just released her first novel "Of the Dragonfly". It is a great riveting read (finished in 1 day myself!). If you’re interested in a book filled with romance, thrilling adventure, travel and hints of paranormal, check out Audrey's website at  ~ Cathy K.


► Lori finishing a book in about 28 hours is pretty much unheard of. Loved, loved, loved it & look forward to the next one!  ~ Lori M.


► Chapter 16 already. I started late yesterday & didn't want to put it down. Had to force myself to say "lights out, time to sleep". Honestly, I have not read one book (other than love healing) in well over a year. Thanks for reminding me what I'm missing.  ~ Lori R.


► Very good book. I enjoyed it very much. Good job, can't wait for the next one.  ~ Sandra H.


► Just finished Of the Dragonfly by Audrey Gene! For those of you who haven't heard, she is a local author. Fabulous story! I couldn't put it down! I am so proud of her! Can't wait for her next one!"  ~ Tammy L.


► Started reading "Of the Dragonfly" by Audrey Gene this afternoon. I can honestly say this is one of the hardest books to put down. I would recommend it to all. Congrats Audrey.  ~ L Cade


► Loved, loved, loved was awesome! Can't wait till you have another one!  ~ Georgina P.


► Just to let you know that one of my daughters read the book in one day. She said that it was fantastic and for a very long time she could not finish any book, because she couldn’t find anything interesting. So bravo and good luck! By the way, she is 29, and you need to know she is very picky when it comes to some stuff, books are one of them. My daughter is very honest and she is not afraid to state her opinion.  ~ Margaret P.


► Read it this weekend! It was very good! Keep writing!  ~ Lisa M.


► Thanks for the book. I took some time during my holidays to sit back and relax with it. I enjoyed it, and I could relate to Evy’s description of work. It was a nice change from the usual books I read. I look forward to the next book. Compliments to the author and the photographer.  ~ Robyn C.


► Audrey, we both really liked your book, it was a great story! And yes, Toby read it too!  ~ Paula W. & Toby C.


► Exciting! I’m really enjoying it, Audrey!  ~ Jeremy V.


► The website for author Audrey Gene is Check out her amazing new book “Of The Dragonfly”! It was a fantastic read.  ~ Shaylene K.


► It's great so far! Makes me want another vacation!  ~ Chesley C.


► Hi Audrey, I want to tell you that I really enjoyed your book! I love the concept—it can be very powerful! The book kept me very intrigued and really took me everywhere the characters were!! You made it feel like we the readers, well me for sure, were a part of the adventure! Very impressive!! So thank you for the amazing experience I received from reading your book!!  ~ Wendy T.


► I just finished your book tonight! It was awesome!! Well done, well done, well done! Keep them coming!  ~ Julia G.


► So today I’m in a stinky girls change room at my daughter’s dance competition at the Jack Singer and this girl beside us pulls out your book (who could miss that gorgeous cover!) out of her dance bag!! She says, “I love the book!” I’m super excited to see your book is making waves everywhere. I can’t wait to read it!  ~ Sharon S.


► I am loving the book! 100 pages in and I don't want to put it down!  ~ Tammy L.


► I SO can’t wait to read it! A bunch of friends have it and say it’s great!  ~ Sandi B.


► I have been dying to read your book. I see all of the comments about how great it is and I can’t wait!  ~ Shelley S.


► My wife really liked your book Audrey Gene. Good compliment, she reads ALOT!! She read it in one day as well. I am making time to read it this weekend.  ~ Trevor H.


► Hi Audrey. I bought 3 books from you just before Mother’s Day—2 for my daughters and one for me. While going for a short vacation, I took the book with me and once I started reading I could not put it down, wondering what is on the next page and in the next chapter. Great novel, which I thought dreams do come true no matter what. Keep writing and keep dreaming. I wish you great success. Thank you.  ~ Margaret P.


► Of the Dragonfly—a fantastic new book by Audrey Gene! Stop by Indigo for your copy!  ~ S. Koester


► I just wanted to let you know that I am almost half way through your book and I am really enjoying it! And I'm not just saying that! I can't wait to read what will happen. You are a very a talented writer, great job! If you have a group of readers that would like to have a book talk with the author, please invite me!!!  ~ Vicky S.


► You should be very proud. Writing a book is an incredible feat, but knowing you made an indelible impact on the life of another human being...that is immeasurable.  ~ K. McCullagh


► The only thing disappointing about your book was when I finished and had no more to read. Amazing book! Way to knock it out of the park. Excited for the many more successes to come your way.  ~ Jackie S.


► Really great book!!! I started reading it and I just couldn’t put it down. I have young kids so needed to attend to them just thinking what was going to happen next in Evy's dreams. And the end is A W E S O M E!!!!  ~ Martha V.


► I have finally sat down and read your book . . . and I couldn't put it down! Loved it, you are a talented woman and I hope you continue to trust yourself to keep writing because if you can keep a hairdresser enthralled in a book from start to finish I'm saying your amazing:).  ~ Kyla A.


► Just got home from holidays and finally had the time to read your book. It didn't take long, I couldn't put it down, loved it! Time for another one!  ~ S. Coulter


► I am on holidays and finally had a chance to read your book. Awesome!!!! I couldn't put it down, so proud of you!  ~Pamela M.


► I will be adding this book immediately to our High School Library! Love, love, love this book!!! I can't wait to read it again. Thanks for sharing your amazing gift of writing with us. Of the Dragonfly by Audrey Gene. This is her first novel, written in 30 days, and something you will not be able to put down! Amazing novel!!!"  ~ Karen F.


► It is such a wonderful story! You will be whisked away! I think Evy should be played by Anna Sophia Robb (Soul Surfer)!  ~ Wendy M.


► They were absolutely right! Once you start reading it, it’s very difficult to put it down. Even when you’re an invalid...and supposed to be resting! Well, it sure helped me get through a couple of those bedridden days. What a great read! Sure hope you’re keeping going on the other two books you have on the go. We want more!!!  ~ Vivian N.


► Another step up on the ladder of success! All the books in the store and yours gets displayed with the best!!!!! Congratulations on being a preferred author at Indigo's Fall Gala event and for the successful public reading of your novel.  ~ Sharon T.


► I love your book! It's a wonderful read!! Angels are everywhere!  ~ Sandie B.


► Stopped at Chapters because I wanted to pick up a book for some weekend reading! I am enjoying it! Now I just need your autograph!  ~ Junella W.


► I think my next scuba trip will be with the dolphins in Bahamas!  ~ Kiduh N.


► There is something about the ocean that heals the soul. This was my amazing day reading a great adventure! It was a perfect story to read anywhere! So thankful—a book by Audrey Gene".  ~ W. Mockford


► I'm reading "Of the Dragonfly" by Audrey Gene.  Loving it!  ~ Carmen E.


► Finished your book on Sunday. Loved it! Can't wait for the next one!  ~ Bonnie H.


► Loved your book!  ~ Lynn D.


► Just finished reading “Of The Dragonfly”. Loved it!  ~ Yvonne T.


► Awesome read, go get a copy!!!  ~ Tara R.


► Loved your book! It was a great, easy read. I am in awe that you wrote this in 30 days. I enjoyed the story and always love a love story. You have a way with words, so please keep the books coming. Great job!  ~ Marnie W.


► No pressure, but I'm looking forward to your next book!  ~ Lori C.


► Loved your book!!  ~ Jaime F.


► So proud of you!! Am really enjoying the story so far, I need to make more time for reading!!  ~ Neil S.


► Just finished reading your book! Fabulous! I couldn't put it down! What a great story!  ~ Joanne S.


► An amazing book...a must read! Audrey Gene, you are beautiful soul inside and out. It was such a pleasure to connect with you. Xo  ~ Sean Liv


► I finished your book a couple days ago. I really, really enjoyed it. It was awesome...thank you!  ~ Jeremy V.


► Hello! My dad met you yesterday and bought your novel for me. I started reading it last night and am hooked. I can't wait to see what happens next!  ~ Piper W.


► Congrats, can't wait to read your next books. Loved Of The Dragonfly!!!  ~ K. McCullagh


► Love the book! Such a WONDERFUL READ !! Thank you!  ~ Sandie B.


► I finished your book today—you did a really great job! Can't wait for the next one!  ~ V. Smith.


► Original story line, kept me guessing.  ~ Brianna (Goodreads)


► I just wanted to let you know that I finished your book and loved it! Your idea for the book was truly unique and you had me guessing about things all the way to the end, fooled me a couple of times too, about what was going to happen next. I could envision your characters, and the setting and thoroughly enjoyed it. I think you should be extremely proud of your book and incredible journey.  ~ Carol F.


► I just want to say I am halfway through your book and I can't wait every day to get back and keep reading to find out more about Evy's quest. I am already excited for the next book too!  ~Shannon M.


► I’m going to disregard the rules of book reviews (if there are any) and write this review as the story of how I know Audrey Gene. I wouldn’t normally do this, but meeting her had a lot to do with how eager I was to read her book. Audrey showed up at our writer’s group a few years ago and was filled with ideas and knowledge about self-publishing. Every writer who comes to our group is unique and fascinating, but Audrey was special in that she was so positive and energetic. She wouldn’t tell us much about the book she had recently finished writing and was now seeking to publish. In fact, until I read a blurb about the book years later, all I knew was that it was aimed at a YA audience and that there was something fantastical about it. Audrey wasn't able to make it to many other meetings, but she came to one of my book signings, with a gift no less, and we communicated occasionally on Twitter and Facebook. She is very kind and obviously passionate about all aspects of writing. It was she who talked me into joining Twitter to promote my books. I understand she went through many ups and downs in her publication voyage. When I first met her, she was labouring to edit her book. The time and effort she put into this endeavor is obvious in the finished product. She also struggled with putting herself out there and admitting she was a writer to the rest of the world. I am so pleased that she has overcome these hurdles to present Of the Dragonfly with poise and confidence. Of the Dragonfly is as unique as Audrey. It is a love story with a fantastical beginning. It is filled with dreams, mystery and action. She has created an adventure book that grabs her reader’s imagination. I hate to give away anything, but it is a perfect escape from the corporate world to a freer, more intriguing world of beaches, dolphins and gangs. I highly recommend this as the perfect summer beach read or the exact antidote needed to get you through long, cold winter evenings. Well done, Audrey!  ~ Samantha Atkins, Author


► So hope it does become a movie!!! Love your book!  ~ Sandie B.


► Of the Dragonfly is intriguing and unique! Audrey Gene kept me guessing until the very end. A great beach read!  ~ Carol (Goodreads)


► I finished your book last night. It wasn't a book that I might have purchased on my own...but I enjoyed every page. It was very well written. It also appealed to the male audience too. You have a gift, and I believe Audrey Gene has a very bright future as an author. Congratulations and continued success. You have a real talent, Audrey.  ~ Todd L.


► Just finished reading “Of the Dragonfly” and I wanted to congratulate you on creating such an amazing novel. Cannot remember the last time I read a novel in just two days. Truly could not put it down.  ~ Leslie L.


► I don't know why it took me so long to pick up your book and read it. I seemed to be waiting for the right moment...and the right moment did come just a few days ago. I was compelled to pick it up and couldn't put it down. There were many unexpected twists from romance to violence that made the ending impossible to predict. The storyline was creative and unusual. My friend Gail has already asked for the sequel and I am waiting for it too. Congratulations, Audrey!  ~ Caroll S.


► I finally found a copy of "Of the Dragonfly" and lucky for me it was a signed copy! Only on chapter four but I'm overwhelmed by a feeling of déjà vu. I don't know how, but you captured everything I have felt about my life in the prologue. I can't wait to finish reading it. Enjoying the book immensely!  ~ Karen M.


► Amazing book! I have just finished your book and I want to congratulate you—it was amazing! I enjoyed it and I feel so very proud of your accomplishment! Wow! Hope you sales are increasing—I am sure it's very hard to find time to get your book "out there" along with your other responsibilities in life (husband, job, home etc.). If word of mouth helps, I promise to do my share.  ~ Connie S.


► The foundation of a community isn't just business it is also culture—congrats to author, Audrey Gene, on her book 'Of the Dragonfly'!  ~ @SDCOC


► My friend finished the book and said it's the first book she has finished in years and she can't wait until you publish another one!! Keep up the amazing work!  ~ Tammy L.


► Audrey, I zipped through the book! Very nice, lots of intrigue!  ~ Marion C.


@hrcat21: Looking 4 a good book 2 read? "Of the Dragonfly" by great new author @AudreyGene. Check out