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 Of the Dragonfly  

Evangeline May Sinclair is an intelligent young woman with a promising future in a large corporation. Though she has every reason to be happy, she has always felt insubstantial and out of place.

Gradually, her dreams begin to reveal an existence that seems far more real and passionate than the life she’s living. But does this world, which holds the only man she

could ever love, actually exist?

When her search begins for the man of her dreams, her dreams turn into nightmares, and she finds herself fighting for her life and her love.

Copyright © 2014 by Audrey Gene

Paperback ISBN:  978-0-9869163-0-4

eBook ISBN:  978-0-9869163-1-1


She is of the wind. She is of the water.

She will carry the dreams of your unconscious

to where they belong.

She—the dragonfly—will carry you home.

Painting by Cameron Bruce

What if your dreams made you never want to wake up again?

Of the Dragonfly is a thrilling paranormal adventure with romance, conspiracy, travel, cuisine, and culture. It is a story of a young woman who is mystically guided on an adventure to a tropical paradise in search of a man she's never met. But will this journey be worth her life? What is she willing to do for love and the discovery of her true life's purpose?

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Of the Dragonfly Testimonials

Of the Dragonfly hooked me with the first chapter and I willingly, enthusiastically let Audrey Gene take me on a fascinating journey with exciting twists and turns in almost each chapter.  She juggles the mystical with nail-biting adventure with ease and confidence.

Louis B. Hobson

Calgary Sun

It was a treat for me to read Audrey Gene’s first novel, Of the Dragonfly. This story is a perfect blend of what makes for an exciting read, as you will discover. Audrey grabs you right from the start and never lets go until the thrilling, dramatic climax. 

The story is set in an exotic Caribbean location—with white sandy beaches and delectable food—wonderfully conjured up by the author. The excitement really begins when we find that this paradise is also inhabited by violent thugs and murderers who will stop at nothing to get what they want. In the midst of it all, Audrey tells an incredible, unique love story, guided by precognitive dreams and under the influence of spiritual forces. 

If you’re looking for a fascinating read with adventure and romance, this is the book for you.

Jens Petersen

Editor, New Author Publishing Services

Gene is a natural storyteller. Of the Dragonfly is an expertly woven tale of love, mystery, and intrigue I couldn't put down. Expect big things from this talented author.

Rachel Small

Editor, Faultless Finish Editing

Of the Dragonfly surprises and enthralls right from the first chapter. Gene has created a disarmingly likable protagonist who is thrust into a story of romance, thrills, travel, and hints of the supernatural. Told with passion and charm, its many facets don't overwhelm each other, but rather work together cohesively to tell the tale. The audience is willing to follow this character anywhere.

Paul Sonsteby

Author, Editor and Teacher

Of the Dragonfly allows you to escape with action and adventure through the use of Audrey Gene's descriptive imagery. You follow a young lady, Evangeline May Sinclair, on a venture to unravel the mysteries that catch her in a struggle for her life. The reader’s attention is caught and held as unexpected twists carry you through to the end. This is Audrey Gene’s debut novel, and her first attempt at creative writing, and I can’t wait for the next novel. Well done Audrey Gene, this is a book I will recommend to my friends.

Janlyn Andrews

Business Owner

An entertaining read from this new author who takes us on a journey from city living to tropical islands.  Along the way, we are taken through mystic happenings, intrigue, and unwavering love.  Looking forward to more novels from this promising author.

Margaret Warren

Marigold Library System—Retired

Of the Dragonfly is a heartfelt, romantic adventure that will make you believe in destiny.

Derek Donais

Author, Metal Magic Trilogy